Hello how are you? I am Jarod Mateus. I'm a software developer and also a flutter newbie.

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Code sharing service between programmers being you only need to create one URL, no saving or creating a account. Open Source :)

Tech Stack

  • ReactJS
  • JWT
  • MongoDB
  • Rest API

INFO-TEC landing page

A landing page for the INFO-TEC internet provider. With descriptions of your services and customer service information.

Tech Stack

  • NextJS
  • Versel
  • Styled Components

Loto Ceará

Application to follow all the results of your dream lottery, lotece do ceará.

Tech Stack

  • Flutter
  • SQLite


I've worked with multiple technologies as a developer to develop & maintain my projects.

  • ReactJS

    Currently developing web applications with ReactJS.
  • Flutter

    In studies, currently studying flutter.
  • NodeJS

    I develop backend applications using nodejs.
  • Dart

    Because of flutter, I'm also in the early stages of development with dart..
  • Firebase

    I have used Firebase for auth, database & analytics in my apps.
  • Git

    Git is a tool that I use every day. I use GitHub for pushing my code and teamwork.

My Journey

In my journey to date, I have learned a great deal about development and life in general.

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